Deranged, unhinged, and unfit — this is what fascism looks like

Image by Adam Inniss. Original photo courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Trigger Warning: Contains references to anti-semitism, racism, violence.

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office in 2016, many critics have called him a fascist. The word can seem an exaggeration, a cheap and tired shot from the far left aimed at a figure they dislike.

But after the attempted siege of the U.S capitol by Trump supporters last week, it may be time for the word ‘fascist’ to go mainstream when describing the outgoing President.

After all, Trump incited the attempted coup in order to re-install his own unelected…

Swedish post-punk group teams up with Amy Taylor for “In spite of ourselves”

From Viagra Boys new video “In Spite Of Ourselves (with Amy Taylor)”

Viagra Boys and Amy Taylor of Amyl and the Sniffers have released an unconventional tribute to the late John Prine.

The cover comes as a single off the Viagra Boys upcoming album “Welfare Jazz.”

The song dropped with a music video by PHC films, which features frontman Sebastian Murphy and Amy Taylor dressed in shawdy country garb, dancing in front of seemingly random green screen backdrops.

The original track by John Prine, who passed away from COVID-19 early this year, has a sweet folksy melody. The Viagra…

Q: How can a band shock listeners after a decade of innovation? A: Find their sound.

K.G album cover, Flightless Records.

It’s frick-wild that Australian psych freaks King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have been making music for ten years.

Despite being together for a longer time than the Beatles were, Gizzard still feels like a fresh, shiny face in rock music. Part of the reason for that shine is their constantly shifting style.

Last year they made a blistering thrash metal album called Infest the Rats Nest. In the same year, they made a cute, mellow dance record called Fishing for Fishies.

They’ve built…

Prine’s music is for the two-hundred thousand Americans who have died from this virus.

Photo by Danny Clinche

“I’ve been thinking lately about the people I meet, The carwash on the corner and the hole in the street.” — John Prine, Fish and Whistle

At the Presidential debate last week, Biden kept invoking the number “two-hundred thousand.”

Two-hundred thousand, that’s how many Americans have died from this virus. That’s how many Americans have died under the leadership of Donald Trump.

That’s a mighty big number, and I was trying to think if I might know one of them. If one of those two-hundred thousand might be connected to me in some way. …

What the history of American justice can tell us today.

May 30, 2020, protesters face off with Military Police in Washington DC, Lafayette Square. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

In America, it’s more acceptable to smash skulls than windows, it’s better to throw bodies to the ground than flags, taking lives is preferred to taking products, and 400 years of violence against people looks better than 4 days of violence against property.

Prosecutors in Minnesota said they would not “rush justice” when arresting and charging George Floyd’s murderers, but hurried to set curfews and call the National Guard when vacant property was at risk.

There’s a reason why authorities are reacting more forcefully to protests than they are to the murder of George Floyd. Getting to the source of…

An ambitious live project and self-indulgent ego fest all at once

Shot from the Chunky Shrapnel european tour by Jamie Wdziekonski, 2020

Everyone's favourite seven member, Australian, psych-rock outfit with a ridiculous name is back, and they’ve got a new album and film: Chunky Shrapnel. For geeky Gizz’ fans bummed about the groups cancelled 2020 world tour, this project offers a glimpse into the thrilling energy the band brings to live performances.

These performances feel like therapy for the band members themselves, who look like they’re living out their rock and roll fantasies.

Fans of this group are both deprived and depraved, pining over the next chance to see them live. So the sweaty, noisy lunatics have delivered a series of live…

A case for optimism during a crisis

Strike for the climate, Halifax Nova Scotia, September 27 2019

In a speech made by Greta Thunberg in October of 2018, the young activist said “the climate crisis has already been solved. We already have the facts and solutions. All we have to do is wake up and change.”

Greta is bringing up a really important idea, a simple one, and one we shouldn’t forget: we can do better. The solutions to so many problems are within reach, we just have to stretch a little farther. In other words, the problem isn’t what we have — it’s how we use it.

The climate movement isn’t in short supply of solutions…

Our obsession with #tinyhousenation could be consequential.

“Claustrophobia” by Nina Valetova.

Tiny house living, van life, tube hotels — what do all these things have in common? They all involve voluntarily living in confined spaces. They’re all blogged about, a lot. They look really fun to the adventurous tourist or the eco-conscious 21st century home owner.

And we all need to be very careful about their perception.

Have you ever seen an episode of Tiny House Nation on netflix? They usually go like this: A family or a couple want to consciously reduce the circumstances by which they live. This is usually fueled by a desire to live more meaningfully and…

Transhumanism isn’t as rad as it sounds.

seriykotik1970 flickr

Biotechnology. Are you paying attention? Probably. Biotechnology is one of the hottest debate subjects of our time, just ask Elon Musk’s 33.2Million Twitter subscribers.

Everyday there are new advances in biotechnology or, as philosopher and friend of Elon Musk Nick Bostrom calls it, “Human enhancement technology. I’m talking about technology that changes human nature. Everything from modified embryos to uploading your consciousness in to a computer — or whatever the last Grimes song was about.

Ones opinion on biotech typically falls on a spectrum between “Transhumanist” and “Bioconservative.” The Transhumanist wants to improve the quality of human life by making…

She was a sex symbol out of her time, a master musician, and a prisoner of war.

Valaida Snow circa 1930

Jazz fans of her time called her Queen of the Trumpet — Jazz fans today rarely know her name, her music, or her tragic life story.

Her name was Valaida Snow, and she might just be the most underrated woman in Jazz history.

Jazz music has a unique place in American history for centering African American artists; providing a voice for marginalized people.

But the many Black women who contributed to “America’s Music” are often left out of the discussion.

For Jazz-women, the…

Adam Inniss

Journalism student at the University of King's College, Halifax N.S Canada. Writer, music enthusiast, and cautious defender of the Oxford comma.

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